Power as Resilient as North Carolinians.

North Carolinians have a lot going on—and it’s our job to provide power they can count on, no matter what. That’s why we’re constantly working to stay ahead of growing and potential threats to the grid.

Duke Energy is making our electric infrastructure stronger, in order to:

  • Better resist severe weather
  • Protect against cyber and physical attacks
  • Recover faster than ever from outages

When interruptions in power do occur, our experienced and dedicated field crews are ready to work—in any weather, at any hour—to restore service to customers as quickly as possible.

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Resiliency in Action

During Hurricane Florence, Duke Energy:

  • Restored power to 1.6M customers in North Carolina
  • Mobilized 20,000+ people (the largest storm-response workforce in our history)
  • Staged teams throughout the Carolinas before the storm and deployed as soon as it was safe to begin restoration efforts
  • Avoided 80,000+ extended customer outages using self-healing technology (which automatically detects outages and quickly reroutes power to customers)

A Smart – and Dependable – Energy Future

North Carolina is booming—and our state’s rapidly growing population requires even more secure and dependable power. To keep pace with North Carolinians’ changing energy needs, we’re working to improve the grid and adding more energy infrastructure. This allows us to not only get the power back on faster, but also ensure there are fewer outages in the first place.

We’re accomplishing this through:

  • A diverse mix of energy sources, including solar, nuclear and natural gas
  • Installation of physical and cyber security enhancements
  • Replacement of poles and other equipment
  • Management of trees and vegetation along power lines
  • Upgrades to power lines and improved barriers
  • Relocation of essential equipment in flood-prone areas
  • Expansion of self-healing technologies
  • Underground relocation of outage-prone lines
  • Smart systems that monitor the health of key systems on the grid

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