Forsyth County firefighters, lineman students learn safety around live wires

Duke Energy held a critical demonstration for students and firefighters to increase awareness of powerline safety.

The training on Wednesday in Tobaccoville had firefighters from Winston-Salem and students from Forsyth Tech’s lineman academy joining forces to learn about live wires.

Demonstrators showed students what can happen when a tree branch, ladder or other items contact a live wire. They used a hotdog to simulate human flesh to simulate what could happen if a hand came into contact with a damaged live line.

A Tonka Truck helped them show what can happen if a power line touches a vehicle.

“Seeing the flashes and everything and how easy it is with a tiny little pinhole in your gloves to be able to burn through you and get there the way they did it with the hotdog, you know, it was eye-opening,” Luke Hill, a student with Forsyth Tech’s lineman academy, said.

A spokesperson with Duke Energy emphasized the importance of helping first responders stay safe and keep the public safe. They also went on to say they’ve seen an increase in vehicles hitting utility poles in the last few years, so educating first responders and the public about being safe around electric lines is critical.

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